Blackwell spar ruling: Trainer Wilkins loses license permanently, boxer Karkardi suspended six months

Former UK middleweight champion, Blackwell was put in a coma when losing his title to Chris Eubank Jr. in March of 2016.

Blackwell made a swift and remarkable return to health, although just eight months later went against doctor’s orders never to take another blow to the head.

A sparring session with Hasan Karkardi, overseen by inexperienced coach Lee Wilkins, resulted in Blackwell’s recovery being reversed and further surgery being required.

It could now take up to a year for Blackwell to gain full use of his faculties again and the Board have now released their conclusion.

Following a hearing before the Stewards of the British Boxing Board of Control on Wednesday, 11th January 2017 the following decisions have been made:-

Trainer/second Liam Wilkins:- The Stewards of the Board unanimously concluded that Mr. Wilkins conduct was detrimental to the interests of boxing in permitting Boxer Hasan Karkardi to spar with ex-licensed Boxer Nick Blackwell and in view of the seriousness thereof it is not in the interests or welfare of boxing for him to hold a trainers licence.
It follows that Mr. Wilkins licence is withdrawn.

Boxer Hasan Karkadi:- The Stewards unanimously concluded that Mr. Karkardi’s conduct in sparring with ex-Boxer Nick Blackwell was not in the interests of boxing and that his licence to box should be suspended for six months from the 11th January 2017.