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Nick Blackwell still unable to walk, a year away from recovery

Blackwell, 26, was beaten by Chris Eubank Jr. in March and left severely hospitalized by the incident, which doctors told the Trowbridge man should be the last time he ever took a blow to the head.

At the time, the fighter spent a week in a comatose state but made a remarkable and almost full recovery.

Months later, and with boxing still at the forefront of his mind, Blackwell took part in sparring with Hasan Karkardi, which was supervised by young trainer Liam Wilkins, both of whom were suspended by the British Board after the session left Nick in another coma.

The BBBofC are now meeting to discuss any further punishment for the pair on Wednesday, whilst Blackwell’s former trainer Gary Lockett says the likeable Briton, who is still unable to walk since the incident in November, faces a long struggle.

“We thought that was all going very well and while we knew Nick missed boxing, we obviously didn’t realise the extent to which he missed it,” Lockett told BBC Wales Sport.

“This is a long, long old road. It isn’t like last time where no-one can believe how well he seems or how lucky he has been.

“I think we are winning at the moment but it is a long way to go.

“Nick has been a fool for what he has done, but we won’t stop caring about him because of that and everyone is behind him with his recovery,” he added.