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James Kirkland happy to be back in tandem with Ann Wolfe

Kirkland aims to be a disappointing few years behind him with victory over the Puerto Rican veteran in Texas and push himself back into world title contention with Wolfe once again by his side.

“I feel it’s a lot different with Ann. They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” said Kirkland.

“Dealing with Ann, we have a certain trust factor with each other when it comes to the training and techniques and things that we do to prepare for any fight. Bringing someone who knows me from the beginning back to the fight game and training Kirkland, it’s overwhelming on both ends. She’s a person that you feel in this atmosphere, the boxing game, who can push Kirkland to his ultimate limits.

“I’ve been training with Ann for so long. Everything that she put me through, or whatever situation might come with training with Ann, I feel like it was always worth it. She pushed me to the ultimate limit but never broke me down, never wear and teared my body, and always has put me in a great position for my performance.”

On facing Cotto, Kirkland added: “Miguel Cotto is someone I look up to. For to me to able to get the opportunity to show what I can bring and take my boxing skill to the next limit is definitely something I can put down in things I have accomplished in boxing.

“My career needs to get back on the rise and show not just the fans but to the sport of boxing itself that Kirkland is definitely someone that can put on a great show.”