Roach: If Cotto didn’t have a lot left I wouldn’t be here, I peed blood from his body shots!

Cotto v Kirkland 09/01/2017

Hector Santos

Trainer Freddie Roach says Miguel Cotto is looking as good as ever despite an extended break from the sport following defeat to Canelo Alvarez in November 2015.

Cotto is embarking on a bid to secure a return with the Mexican in 2017 as both the Puerto Rican and Roach believe ‘Junito’ did enough to claim a points win last time out.

Big-punching James Kirkland, an ex-victim of Canelo, stands in Cotto’s way of a 41st career triumph for the 36 year-old and Roach plans to have his man in tip-top shape for their February 25 date in Texas.

“If Miguel Cotto didn’t have a lot left, I wouldn’t be here. He’s great in the gym, he’s always in shape and he keeps himself close to weight, all the time,” said Roach.

“He’s tremendous. He works hard. If he didn’t look great in the gym, I wouldn’t let him fight. I care that much about him. He will be 100% ready for this fight and if he’s not 100% for this fight, it won’t happen.”

On the Canelo loss and early bruising training sessions, Roach added: “Obviously, I thought Miguel won his last fight. A rematch would be great there.

“Miguel in just the past two days has been great. We dusted off the body bag. Body punches are hard. Yes, I peed blood last night.

“It’s good to be back to work and I am happy to have him back in the gym,” he added.

A fight with Canelo’s compatriot Juan Manuel Marquez was in the pipeline until Kirkland eventually agreed the fight, which could be something Cotto revisits should his number one target choose Gennady Golovkin instead.