Exclusive: Martin Murray would welcome Chris Eubank Jr. clash

Joe Hewlett 08/01/2017

Naoki Fukuda / Lawrence Lustig

British contender Martin Murray is returning in 2017 and is open to the prospect of fighting Chris Eubank Jr, should the opportunity emerge.

Eubank Jr is set to face Renold Quinlan next month at the super middleweight limit on ITV box-office.

Murray was quick to share his thoughts on the fight in an interview this weekend.

“Let’s be honest, they’re going to try and build this up like it’s a massive world title fight,” Murray exclusively told World Boxing News.

“He’s fighting this lad called Quinlan and no disrespect to him but he’ll be an easy win for Eubank. He wouldn’t step up to super middleweight and fight the likes of James De Gale because he’d get beat.

“But you can’t knock the Eubank’s, they’re very clever people. Eubank wants to make his son a massive star and his fight with Quinlan is a very good move in terms of business. At the end of the day, boxing is a business.”

There has been a lot of speculation and interest all over social media on the prospect of the pair facing each other later this year.

“If the chance came to fight comes my way then of course, I’d take the fight. I think there has been a lot of interest from fans about a potential fight between us two because they know I’m a good a fighter and it would be a real test for him.

“One thing I know is – if it does happen then he doesn’t have a cat in hells chance of beating me,” he added.

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