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Home » Ellerbe expects Jack to knock DeGale out in the later rounds

Ellerbe expects Jack to knock DeGale out in the later rounds

Jack, 33, stands on the cusp of becoming the best 168 pound fighter on the planet with victory over his arch-rival in Brooklyn and Ellerbe believes a spectacular ending is on the cards in favour of the Floyd Mayweather protégé.

“A lot of things have contributed to Badou becoming the fighter who he is today. I think that he’s improved as a champion,” said Ellerbe.

“A lot of the times people don’t understand what fighters have to go through early in their careers. Badou has overcome a lot of adversity, including evolving from his loss. There are very few fighters who become better fighters after they become champions. Badou is living the American Dream and Floyd and myself are very proud of him.

“I predict that Badou is going to deliver a knockout. I envision him taking a handful of rounds to figure out DeGale’s style, while still being aggressive. In the later rounds, I think that he’s unstoppable.

“James DeGale is a tremendous fighter. I’ve followed his career for quite some time. He’s a very flashy and creative fighter. He kind of makes it up as he goes. His style is unique, but there are some things that Badou and his team have put into place to disrupt DeGale.

“Badou Jack has seen every style out there. He’s mentally and physically prepared to take care of his opponent,” he added.