Juanma, coach Rivera banned six months each for public brawl

Juan Manuel Lopez and Wilfredo Vazquez Jr’s coach Albert Rivera have been banned for six months each for their part in a post-fight brawl last October.

The incident happened straight after ‘Juanma’ defeated Vazquez via eleventh round TKO last October in Puerto Rica as pre-fight bad blood from both camps spilled over.

Lopez proceeded to confront Rivera once he’d entered the ring and both traded full force shots until pulled apart by the rest of their teams.

Hopeful of a lenient ban, Lopez now wants to continue his career in April of 2017 after scoring his first significant win in almost three years.

“I hoped the Commission would take into consideration that boxing is the way to make a living. My career has taken a major turn with the victory over Vazquez, but a long suspension definitely would finish it, “pleaded Lopez during the hearing in front of the Puerto Rican Commission.