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UK boxing promoter Eddie Hearn considering move into MMA

After watching UFC grow to eventually selling millions on Pay-Per-View in the United States with stars like Conor McGregor, Hearn is now looking into a similar franchise to work alongside his boxing venture.

“It is true it’s something I am considering. It is very early to say if I will get involved but I am looking at it,” Hearn told The Daily Mail’s Sportsmail.

“Obviously my company, Matchroom, has extensive and long experience in combat sports through boxing so it is an area we understand.

“At the moment I am talking to a few people and broadcasters to see what is what and whether it is something to get into.”

“For any sport to thrive it has to be driven by talent and personalities and I’m sure they exist. I feel we have a solid relationship with fight fans and while my heart and souls remains in boxing, I think those fans would be interested to take a look if we made a move.

“Like anyone, I’ve had my eyes opened to by Conor McGregor, his stature and his popularity. It is incredible. I think the appetite for MMA in general in Britain is very big right now.

“So it is something I want to take a good look at and we will see if anything comes from it,” he added.

McGregor has built himself into a massive worldwide brand and was recently linked to a possible crossover clash with the number one name in boxing for the last generation, Floyd Mayweather Jr.