Orlando Salido keen to secure Francisco Vargas rematch in 2017

Naoki Fukuda

There are only a few fighters in the world who offer the kind of fights that Orlando “Siri” Salido does every time he clambers up into the ring, so no wonder that his thrilling encounter with Francisco “Bandido” Vargas this past June was deservedly voted as the best in 2016.

The riveting combat exceeded all expectations of all, resulting in a total war of epic and pungent proportions.

“When you’re in the ring you can say it’s a great fight and that night I knew we were having a special fight like the one we promised to deliver. It was an honor to be part of a great fight and give that gift to the fans,” Salido commented, significantly adding: “I think it makes sense to fight again and determine who’s the best. Obviously I felt that I won the fight. I think a second one will be similar, But, I hope we have a winner next time.”

Vargas is ready to return on January 28 to defend his WBC championship and Salido will wait for a possible and highly anticipated rematch.

“It’s a fight that everyone wants to see again, so let’s make it happen in 2017. Salido has given us some memorable fights and we will win the rematch. I guarantee everyone it will be as good as the first one, ” said Sean Gibbons , Manager of Salido.