Moises Flores leaves no stone unturned in Rigo preparations

Rey Sanchez 02/01/2017

Pro Box

Moises ‘Chucky’ Flores reactivated his intense preparation last week for his upcoming fight on February 25 against super bantamweight WBA world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Flores joined his training camp along with his team and returned to the gym on Monday, Dec. 26th as he plans to increase the intensity of his exercises until the weigh-in day.

“I enjoyed Christmas together with my children and family but it is time to work hard here in the gym once again. We have a workout plan to meet and we are focused on achieving the best physical level in order to throw as many hits from the first round as possible,” said Flores from the gym where he’s training.

‘Chucky’ Flores, who holds the WBA and IBO titles, says preparation for this fight will be the key.

“We are trying to achieve the highest technical and physical level possible. Every day we are closer to achieving our best level. Being in the gym next to my coach Rafael Guzman gives me the confidence to arrive with a huge opportunity to leave the ring with my hand raised.

“I’m going to leave every drop of sweat in the GYM and every day puts me closer to the fight. Our plan is to find the best route and I feel strong and willing to fight right now. When you have confidence in yourself and the team, the result must be a victory. I will be best I can to win.

Flores added: “Gym training is the key, this is the most important fight of my career and I have to beready that night to enter a battle from the first round. Rigondeaux is an excellent boxer, but he is not invincible.”