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Anthony Fowler to turn pro when GB contract expires in March

The 25 year-old, who won bronze at the 2013 World Amateur Championship and followed it up with gold a year later at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, is ditching the vest for a run as a professional.

Fowler, a cousin of ex-Liverpool footballer Robbie, lost out in the opening round of his Olympic dream last summer and has now decided that the time is right to ply his trade on the biggest stage of all.

“Team Machine will be turning professional in 2017,” confirmed Fowler, who is yet to begin talks with any promoters due to his contract with GB Boxing having two months left to run.

“I’m really looking forward to the next chapter of my career. Fifteen years as an amateur and I won every medal possible apart from the Olympic one I wanted the most. But we all know I’ve always been more suited to the pros and now am going to show what am about.”

In an interview with WBN after the summer games, Fowler was coy regarding which promoter he may favour when signing his next contract, although did reveal a move down in weight was on the cards.

“I know it sounds strange, but if I do turn pro I’ll be looking into the possibility of competing at light-middleweight,” Fowler informed World Boxing News in September.

“At the moment, I’m making 75kg for Team GB but walking around at near enough the same weight, so really, getting down six kilos to 154 shouldn’t be a problem for me. I’ve been off for a few weeks now and I’ve hardly put any weight on at all.

“We used to joke about in the GB squad to see who would put on the most weight when we had breaks and I think I just about managed to put on a pound in two weeks and that was it. Others were coming back well over their weight and having to lose loads, but even when I have been out for a long time I just didn’t put much weight on so I think light-middleweight would be the one for me.”