Dan Blackwell on brother Nick: He’s doing well considering the damage

Nick Blackwell

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Boxer Dan Blackwell has updated on his brother Nick’s condition following a sparring session that hospitalized the former British middleweight champion.

Dan and his family members have kept a constant vigil since Nick was taken ill after trading blows in the gym despite being told be doctors he could never take another punch to the head.

A fight with Chris Eubank Jr. back in March ended Blackwell’s career after a punishing defeat in which his Lonsdale Belt was ripped away.

Blackwell was put in a coma at the time, and the unfathomable decision to allow his urge to box take over meant the 26 year-old had to once again fight for his life.

After waking up from his prone state just before Christmas, Dan is hopeful his sibling continues to improve moving forward.

“Nick is doing well considering the damage he has had,” Dan told Press Association Sport this week.

“He’s looking around, moving his arms and legs, and is drinking, eating and smiling again. Rehab is going to take a long time, but he has done amazingly well so far.”

Initially deciding to retire once Nick was almost killed, Dan has since fought seven times after making a comeback in July. 

The 23 year-old has a record of 7-61, having shared the ring with the likes of Anthony Ogogo and Tommy Langford during his five-year career. 

Liam Williams, the current British super-welterweight title holder, remains the only man to halt Dan Blackwell through his 68 bouts.