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Home » Prichard Colon father forced to deny ‘irresponsible’ death rumours

Prichard Colon father forced to deny ‘irresponsible’ death rumours

Speaking to, Colon Sr. said the following in a phone conversation from Florida, USA:

“We do not know who irresponsibly got that information and also where it came from. Maybe looking for agenda. Prichard remains stable within his condition,” confirmed Colón.

“Yesterday (Sunday) I was with Prichard, I worked with him as he did his stretches and his therapies. When he sees me he tries to speak and his countenance changes. In fact, his mom (Nieve Meléndez) told me last night was one of the best nights Prichard has had, “he added.

Colon, 24,  has been recovering further in Orlando since the spring after completing a long stay at a rehabilitation center in Georgia and his family are still hopeful ‘Diggit’ will make more improvements.

“All we ask for is prayers. We are very grateful to the people and Prichard is improving. The prayers are becoming blessings for Prichard.”

A controversial fight against Terrell Williams in October 2015 proved to be Colon’s final act in a boxing ring as the Puerto Rican lost his undefeated record and almost his life via a ninth round stoppage.