World Boxing Union targeting big 2017

WBU 23/12/2016

The World Boxing Union is looking to make 2017 the year the organisation that once had champions such as Ricky Hatton returns to where it belongs at the forefront of World Boxing.

The organisation headed up by Don ‘Moose’ Lewis in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, will be looking to work with the legitimate governing bodies throughout Europe as it does in the rest of the world.

It has come to the attention of the authority figures within the World Boxing Union, that a fraudulent company was created, however never produced any financial records in Europe.

The World Boxing Union headed up and trademarked by Don Lewis wish to clarify it has no dealings with any other company that brands itself with the WBU name and they are in the process of mounting legal action against anyone using the World Boxing Union trademark.

All queries and clarification can be addressed by contacting 404-808-9268 or office@wbuboxing.org

The World Boxing Union has a proud heritage, with former champions such as Ricky Hatton, Johnny Nelson, Enzo Maccarinelli, Michael Gomez and many more top names.

The WBU who have now appointed Chris Glover as their Director of Europe, are keen to make sure that the World Boxing Union titles are contested by legitimate quality fighters under the jurisdiction of the legitimate governing bodies.

The WBU’s latest appointment, Chris Glover, gave his take on his plans for the World Boxing Union.

“Firstly I’d like to thank Don for giving me the opportunity to help bring the World Boxing Union back to what it once was.

“I grew up watching the likes of Ricky Hatton and Michael Gomez and I want the fighters that are around today to be in the type of contests similar to what Hatton and Gomez were with the WBU titles being at stake.

“Not everybody is going to be an International Champion never mind a World Champion. We want to help give fighters opportunities they may never have had beforehand and at a cost that promoters can afford.

“We’re open to working with all promoters that are licensed by correct authorities such as the British Boxing Board of Control. Safety and legitimacy comes first in our eyes and the BBBofC have the best medical and authority practices in the world.”

The World Boxing Union will aim to be putting on over ten contests inside the next year in the UK alone, with World Youth, International, European, Intercontinental and World honours all up for grabs. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news from the World Boxing Union!

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