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Home » Exclusive: Joe Parker ready to offer David Haye summer title shot

Exclusive: Joe Parker ready to offer David Haye summer title shot

Parker, 24, claimed the WBO belt by defeating Andy Ruiz Jr. earlier this month and was mandated to battle Haye in a first defence of the title before the Briton chose instead to face UK-rival Tony Bellew.

Should Haye come through Bellew on March 4 and retain his place at the top of the newly-announced WBO ratings, Higgins says Parker versus ‘The Hayemaker’ could be a headlining fight over the summer.

“Haye was meant to fight us and It was agreed he would get the shot against Parker but he went and signed up for a fight with Tony Bellew,” Higgins exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I don’t know whether he’s worried about fighting Parker as it was arranged that he would get a shot at the WBO title. But if he goes ahead with the Bellew fight, then he won’t be the first defense for Parker at all.

“David Haye was within our sights, but provided Parker wins well in his first defense, we can then look at giving Haye a shot in what would be a mega-global event over the summer.

“The goal is to first become a star in your home country and Joseph has done that as he’s a superstar in New Zealand, but then your goal is to become a name in the UK market.

“They only way for Joseph to do that is to knock out Englishmen and it’s the same with the US market and American fighters,” he added.

Higgins confirmed Parker will return to action around April, by which time Haye could be invited to attend in order to build interest in a top division clash in the months ahead.