Vitali Klitschko aims to bring WBC Convention to Kiev

Vitali “Dr. Iron Fist” Klitschko is urging the World Boxing Council to hold one its next conventions in Kiev.

One of the WBC’s great heavyweight champion, Vitali sacrificed his ring career, for the rough and tumble of politics. He’s now Mayor of Kiev- one of the biggest cities in Eastern Europe.

In a speech to the WBC’s 54th annual Convention, which was held at the magnificent Diplomat Resort & Spa Hotel, in Hollywood, South Florida, Vitali advised people to dream big, be ambitious, and work in converting reverie into reality.

He said during his childhood in the then Soviet Union, friends had collapsed in gales of laughter, when he promised he himself would be heavyweight champion one day.

But he promised them and walked his talk, by fulfilling his pledge, inspired by the great Muhammad Ali, who faced up to as many issues as opponents, in his extraordinary lifetime.