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WBC / VADA work hard to educate through Clean Boxing Program

Dr Goodman, who’s President of VADA- Voluntary Anti Doping Association is also trembling.

No one likes the consequences of what will happen next. Thankfully boxing is not blighted with widespread doping. Mauricio, who’s awarded. Dr. Goodman WBC Woman Of The Year, insists there’s no going back concerning the WBC Clean Boxing Program, which has the motto: “You use, you lose.”

In a speech to the 54tb WBC Convention at the Diplomat Spa Hotel in Hokkywood Florida, Dr Goodman, who’s an integral part of this, explained that education of athletes is an important tool and ally. Many supplements need to checked and verified before being bought and swallowed.

There’s also the potential threat of SARMS. The so called alternative to steroids.

Dr Goodman praised the WBC for grasping the nettle: “You took us forward, when no one e lose did. You have changed the sport.”

From September, just passed the first fifteen fighters in each division must make themselves available for random testing. Dr Goodman explains that in some senses, missing a test is comparable to failing it. So far there have been 23 tests done on WBC fighters. Dr Goodman explains that many of those fighters are proud to have participated.

The process of evolving tests is ongoing. It’s a process not only fighters, but for trainers and anyone else involved in boxing. The Sport’s future depends on this. Dr Goodman urges to go on the WBC Website, to learn more for yourself.