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Alexander Povetkin: Career, achievements ruined by failed tests

In the same year, and as boxing copes with a spate of positive tests, Povetkin has been caught up in two high-profile failures as bouts with Deontay Wilder and now Bermane Stiverne have been called off at the last minute.

Talk of the evening’s action still going ahead is, quite frankly, a joke and whoever steps into Stiverne’s shoes for the event in Russia will completely be in a no-win situation. 

Hopefully, sense prevails and Povetkin no longer competes in professional boxing as the former world champion either has a problem with substance abuse or is one of the most unprofessional boxers ever to lace up gloves.

It really is a pity as Povetkin is such a good fighter and has a glorious past, both as an amateur and in the paid ranks, but will never be given any credit for his achievements because of these two scandals.

Povetkin was afforded the benefit of the doubt by the WBC earlier this year, which meant he kept his ranking and was handed the opportunity to gain a shot at the title, something Mauricio Sulaiman has now rightly stripped the 37 year-old off.

A widespread ban would be a correct punishment for Povetkin, maybe even a lifetime one, but I fear that won’t happen and his home country will be welcoming to further spotlight for someone undeserving of it.