Malignaggi reveals Burns offer at 140, considers EBU 147 title shot

Rey Sanchez 15/12/2016

Paulie Malignaggi as an announcer at the WBC’s 54th annual convention did very well. Malignaggi expressed his appreciation to the WBC and Mauricio Sulaiman for inviting him, and said he was very happy with the opportunity to see old friends and share with boxing stars.

Paulie briefly chatted with Ringsidefightingnews about his plans and also, about the possibility of a fight versus MMA World Champion Connor McGregor or Ricky Burns, the super lightweight WBA world champion.

‘McGregor is a clown, this fight would be easy for me. You can not tell me that you are a boxer, just because you have worn boxing gloves at some point in your life. It’s not like boxing training to be a boxer “

I do not think boxing needs MMA fighters and vice versa. They are different sports and each athlete must learn the basics of each discipline so that you can become a fighter in boxing or MMA.

About his plans for 2017, Malignaggi said he would love to become European Welterweight Champion. “My team has talked about that possibility, and I will like that fight a lot. It is something that my grandfather would like, and we do not rule out doing it in 2017 “

In addition, “The Magic Man” expressed that his team has received some news about a possible fight against current WBA super lightweight world champion Ricky Burns.

“This fight against Burns can be done between March-April 2017. It’s a very good possibility to win a title and make history. However, making the weight 140 pounds will be a very difficult task.”

My body says yes but it will not be easy. At this stage of my career, the weight is a very important factor and we must plan it with great care. What if three weeks before the fight with Burns I can not reach the weight? ..I have to sit down with my work team, to analyze all this and make the best decision.”

Malignaggi believes that he’s been given enough time to perform an excellent training camp, but added: “We must make a decision in early 2017. If the money is correct and the physical conditions can be reached, we will be announcing that fight very soon.”

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