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Molina: Wilder the most dangerous heavyweight in the world

‘The Drummer Boy’ went nine rounds with Wilder in 2015 when attempting to claim the WBC heavyweight title and hopes to reverse his world title form against the former Olympic gold medallist.

In a clear attempt to rattle Joshua, Molina made a point of name-dropping Wilder as the pair near their sell-out contest live on Sky Sports Box Office and Showtime in the US.

“Wilder is the most dangerous heavyweight in the world, Tyson Fury is the most skilled, the combination of both would beat Joshua. The most feared is Luis Ortiz,” said Molina.

“You have the heavyweights that no one wants to get in with. Everyone is calling everyone out, but when it comes down to it, it means nothing if you don’t get in there. You just have a certain bunch of guys that don’t want to fight another bunch of guys.

“Against Wilder I learned that I can get up. I can fight back and still win rounds. I learned I can fight through an injury; that I can bite down on the gumshield and give more than I ever thought I could give. It was a big stage against Wilder in his backyard so I’ve been on the big stage before. It doesn’t concern me at all – been there, done that. I’ve lost on the big stage but I’ve also won on the big stage.”

“I don’t pay too much notice to what people think. When I fought Wilder the whole world gave me one round — that’s it. He’s going down in one round, he’s going to get blasted away. I’ve heard it all before, all the negative feedback. Let people think what they want, I feed off it. I have nothing to lose in a fight like this and everything to gain. It’s a very dangerous fight and the type of fight that I really perform in,” he added.