Chavez Jr. promises Britsch victory, not ready to let career go

WBC 08/12/2016


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is determinedly convinced that his return on December 10th at the Monterrey Arena must be spectacular, impressively defeating German Dominik Britsch.

“Maybe for who I am and for carrying a big name I have received another opportunity from the sport to decide if am leaving or staying. I now have the chance to prove if I’m in the big leagues or if I am only one of the bunch” the former WBC middleweight champion commented to RECORD Newspaper.

“Having a mediocre performance on December 10 in Monterrey will be a signal that I am not able to star cards anymore and that I will only be a former world champion that his time has passed by,”

In spite of one year and a half of inactivity, Julio Jr is knuckling down, working hard and determined to prove a point!

“I’m still here and I’m going to show I can again be the best in the World! I’ve been world champion once, and I can do it again. I’m going to win in order to make greater things happen”. Chavez Jr. promised.

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