Watch: WBC celebrates women in boxing

Jennifer Arrendondo

The Boxing Community was in celebration for Female Boxing in Los Angeles, CA this weekend as the World Boxing Council teamed up with Grampa’s Boxing Gym to Showcase the talented Amateurs and Professional Female fighters in the community.

To start the event, Female Boxing Sensation, Maricela “La Diva” Cornejo had her Media Workout in preparation for her upcoming fight December 17th in Cancun, Mexico. Many your female boxers and fans arrived early to come and meet Cornejo and see her train. She brought a few giveaways as well for her fans!

Next, Anthems were performed by a mother/daughter duo and Trainer, Clemente Medina. WBC’s Pepe Sulaiman then welcomed everyone to the event and introduced the fighters who went to support, Mia St. John, Maricela Cornejo, Kenia Enriquez, Seniesa Estrada and Amaris Quintana who drove from near and far to go support the young female boxers who would be sparring at this great event.

A special Honorary WBC Female Mini Belt was awarded to Jessie Rangel, wife of the late “Grampa” of Grampa’s Boxing Gym. Jessie was a huge support to her late husband in supporting all Boxers and is now continuing his dream by continuing to keep the gym going along with her granddaughter Jessica Rangel. To close out the special ceremony before the female sparring exhibition began, Jessica Rangel danced the song her Grampa always danced with her Grandma, “Stand By Me”. Beautiful and much sentimental moment.

After that sentimental touch, the tough girls had to begin the fun in sparring in front of the fans and their idols! Over 150 fans watching the girls as they gave their all in the ring and were each presented with a WBC medal for their great effort inside and outside of the ring. During this time, The Female Boxers were taking pictures and giving autographs with the fans in attendance. Their time was much appreciated by all the fans!

Female Boxing has had a important year, since the WBC Female Convention this year in Tijuana, more passion has come out from our community. There have been more female fights televised and have been on big undercards across the nation. 2017 only promises even more. We have learned through events like these how much it is appreciated to focus a bit more on the females. As a Boxing Community all we can do is plant the seed and continue to do our part in hope that more people do it around the world to get the attention of big promoters and TV networks. One step at a time, the WBC, the Boxing Community vow to make a difference and continue to support Female Boxing in any way we can. Thank you to all the fans, fighters, media who came out to support the event! Together you make a difference. YOU are the WBC!