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Home » Anthony Yigit confident of stopping Lenny Daws in EBU title bout

Anthony Yigit confident of stopping Lenny Daws in EBU title bout

British hero Daws aims to finally capture the title on his third attempt after being robbed twice previously of the prestigious belt, but Yigit has his own plans of winning the vacant title in Daws’ backyard.

“I believe that it’s going to be tough fight,” said Yigit. “Like Daws said, he’s going to take me out into deepwater. The thing is I’m training very hard and I believe that I’m going to stop him. It will be to his disadvantage to go to war with me because that is what I want him to do anyway. I hope that he has a better game plan than that and he will need more than that if he thinks he’s going to beat me,”

“I like to break my opponents down in the later rounds and usually usually they quit. I think that Daws is going to come out and try to make a statement but I think in a couple of rounds he will know that I am not going to fall for that and he will have wished he saved his energy. When if it goes into the fifth and seventh round he’s going to be in trouble and then we’ll see who’s in deep water.”

Yigit doesn’t think that former the former two-time British and EU Champion poses a significant step up in challenge for him seeing that he has defeated former World Champion DeMarcus Corley.

He continued, “I don’t think that Daws is a major step up for me. I fought Timo Schwarzkopf who was the undefeated former EE Champion. I don’t believe that Daws will have anything new to show me. Corley is the best I have faced in my career so far as he has fought everyone around including Floyd Mayweather and he didn’t come out in the fourth-round against me.”

The 25-year-old hasn’t gone 12 rounds before in a championship contest, compared to Daws who has completed it five times, but this doesn’t concern Yigit and says it won’t go that long anyway.

Yigit added, “I’ve been in the Olympics where are I fought the best and I’ve done ten rounds as a pro and I felt like I could easily do two more rounds. I really don’t believe me not doing the full twelve rounds before will make a difference,”

“I’ve been watching the Ruben Nieto fight and I believe that Daws won that so in my eyes he is the true European Champion so by beating Daws I feel that I’m beating the best to prove that I’m the best,”

“I’m really happy that the fight in England where I have gained a bit of a following. I’m excited to fight here and show the English fans what I’m made of. My prediction is a stoppage by around seven or eight.”