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Home » Exclusive: Eddie Hearn confirms April date likely for AJ v Klitschko

Exclusive: Eddie Hearn confirms April date likely for AJ v Klitschko

Joshua is currently wrapping up training for his second defence of the IBF title against Eric Molina, where victory is imperative for the 2012 Olympic champion to set up the blockbuster with Klitschko.

As well as Joshua’s red belt, Klitschko will bring the WBA’s ‘super’ championship into the bargain making the fight, eyed for Wembley Stadium, a massive top division event to decide who follow’s Tyson Fury is the number one at 200 pounds plus.

A date of April 29 was reported to have been secured for what will be Joshua’s defining night, although when asked to confirm by WBN, Hearn said nothing was definite regarding the contest.

“There is no date for Joshua v Klitschko, but what I will say is April is likely for the fight,” Hearn exclusively told World Boxing News.

The Molina fight is already seen as Joshua’s biggest test to date, but takes on ever greater significance as the carrot dangling in front of ‘AJ’ is the payday of his career against the top heavyweight of his generation.

Klitschko will have turned 41 by the time he shares the ring with Joshua, and have been out of action for 17 months, after being knocked from his lofty perch by Fury in Dusseldorf last year.

A warm-up fight for Klitschko may have been the ideal scenario, although the Ukrainian won’t be afforded that luxury and will begin a fight as the underdog for the first time in a very long time.