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Home » Ex-Mayweather opponent Mosley: McGregor has balls of steel, but I’d whoop him!

Ex-Mayweather opponent Mosley: McGregor has balls of steel, but I’d whoop him!

‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley, who rocked Mayweather in 2010 before losing a decision, has reacted to McGregor wanting to test the boxing waters against those who shared the ring with the now-retired pound for pound king.

“I would love to fight Conor in boxing. If he wants to get down I will give him an ass whooping if the price is right,” Mosley exclusively told World Boxing News.

“If he can’t beat me then he needs to go back to MMA. He wouldn’t fight me though as he will try to mess around with me and in the end, get knocked the f*** out!”

Asked about the sparring video of McGregor enjoying sessions with South African Chris Van Heerden, a fighter he’s been training with recently, Mosley added: “I work with a lot with Chris and he was beating him up. If Chris could do that to him then I’d kill him!

“I noticed WBN mentioned a few names before like Berto, Guerrero and Pacquiao as possible for Conor but all those guys would beat him.

“He just doesn’t know enough about boxing but he’s a great MMA fighter – top notch. He would kill me in MMA and I would kill him in boxing – it’s that simple and is what it is.

“It’s not fair for anyone to come into a new sport and fight someone who has been at the top-level right away, but it shows the kid has balls of steel if he actually does it.

“I think he’s doing the right thing calling out Floyd Mayweather though, it’s smart. It would be a huge payday for him,” he added.

Multi-weight world title holder Mosley, 45, last fought in May when missing out on the WBA welterweight title to David Avanesyan and is currently awaiting the right offer to make a return to the sport.