WBC offer Spanish boxing a new beginning in 2017

WBC 01/12/2016

Spain is a country of maximum importance for the World Boxing Council, as a founding country where great people have dedicated their lives to boxing and to the formation of the most prestigious body in the world.

Don Ruben Martinez was the first Vice President of the organization and President of the European Boxing Union, as well as being the top leader of Spanish boxing and the Spanish Boxing Federation.

The last 3 years were complicated and dramatic, because Spanish boxing fell to the worst level of its history under an administration that developed its actions against the integrity of the sport, institutions and especially boxers.

In 2013 The Spanish Boxing Federation decided to abandon its affiliation to the EBU and to the WBC, for then trying to change their statutes in order to be apart from all boxing bodies body leaving to Spain exclusively under the orders of an organization called AIBA, which only intends to impose the abuse of power through monopoly interest seeking in a painful commercial and economic way looking only for their benefit rather than boxers´.

The World Boxing Council is proud of the work plan implemented to address this grave situation. The participation of Miguel Angel de Pablos, who is International Secretary of the body has been fundamental, providing a new dimension to Spanish boxing. DePablos has achieved an important number of activations that have generated and boosted boxing in this great country, allowing its regeneration.

– The union of various local boxing commissions working to create activity, including: the commissions of Madrid, Comunidad Valenciana, Castilla-Leon and Aragon, to mention a few, has been a boon!

-The organization of the “Jose Sulaiman” amateur tournament with more than 100 matches. Even though the FEB didn’t allowed the organization of the tournament, without considering the deep and sincere love Jose Sulaiman felt for this country.

Growing activity of professional cards during the 2015-2106 period, with 35 championship fights sanctioned by the world bodies of boxing.

– After 30 years, a final WBC super featherweight eliminator was organized, which was a resounding success in Barcelona.

-The Spaniard Kiko Martinez had a great contest in USA disputing the world title Vs Leo Santa Cruz.

– Two Spaniards have been summoned and integrated into the Supreme Council of the WBC. Cayetano Martinez de Irujo and Roman Rodriguez, who are contributing and achieving lots of success.

– Two boxers have been allowed to be part of Jose Sulaiman Champions Fund, which supports former boxers who’ve hit hard times: Jose legra and Alfredo Evangelista.

– There are 16 Spanish boxers ranked within the top 15 of the WBC; plus, all of them have been enrolled in the WBC-VADA Clean Boxing Program.

The work has been titanic and the leadership of Miguel de Pablos exemplary and successful. The participation of Spain in this next WBC annual convention in Florida as there are more than 30 registered Spanish. During this event there will be a Hand and Wrap course as part of the program to combat the manipulation of bandages and gloves.

2017 will be a great year and a new era for Spanish boxing. It is expected to work in harmony with the new administration of the FEB in order to be able to fulfill the plans which will bring huge benefits. Those plans are: offering ring officials seminars, medical seminars and one World championship fight in Spain.

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