Sean Lewis, Adam Ismail rematch at Leigh Sports Village on Dec 3

VIP 01/12/2016

In a rerun of their crowd-pleasing September clash, Sean Lewis and Adam Ismail go into battle again on December 3 at the Leigh Sports Village, live and FREE on vipboxing.tv.

Birkenhead’s Lewis upset the odds last time when, with just a week’s notice, he hustled and outfought Ismail, 9-2, for the vacant Central Area welterweight title.

This time around, and with a full training camp behind him, ‘Ginger Mexican’ Lewis, 6-1-1, says the judges might not be needed, as he promises to do the double over his Merseyside rival.

“He’s going to be expecting me to keep coming forward like in the last fight but this will be a completely different story because I’ve had a six-week camp for this one. So it’ll be a completely different fight and he’ll see that on the night.

“He can’t push me back and he can’t hurt me, he hasn’t got the strength. So I will be pushing on him but I’ll be a bit cleverer than last time when I went in like a bulldozer. This time I’ll be more settled, I know the job I’ve got to do to keep my title.

“He is a good boxer, a big tall southpaw, and he keeps it long. He’ll probably do the same this time and try to throw some uppercuts as I’m bobbing and weaving, but he won’t have sparred anyone like me.

“I really don’t mind facing him again, it’s just another fight, just another person trying to get in my way. People said it was close last time so I’m going in seeing it as a fresh fight, not a rematch. After this I’ll be moving onto bigger and better things and I’ll be telling Steve [Wood] that!

“It will definitely be more decisive this time around; it will be lucky if it goes to the judges to be honest. I’m looking forward to a fantastic fight and giving the fans what they pay for.”

“The fact Sean was a late replacement last time was a factor for both of us,” retorted Adam. “I’d already done all my sparring and getting ready for a tall boxer, and when it switched to Sean, he’s a completely different style. I couldn’t really find any videos of Sean either because he’s a bit of an unknown fighter. I’m not taking anything away from losing and all credit to him because he had to change himself; he was coming up against a tall southpaw, which is probably even harder to adapt to.

“This will be a completely different fight, even though we’ve been in the ring together. We both know what we have to do differently and we both know what we’re up against. I’m definitely prepared well for it.

“I felt comfortable in the fight last time. I didn’t feel like he had me in any trouble at all, although I think he came on strong at the end. At the final bell, my coach was celebrating and I looked at my family, friends and supporters and they were all celebrating. So when they read his name out, there were a few shocked faces around. When I saw the fight again, it was closer than I thought in the ring, but I still felt I deserved to have my hand raised. Then again people look at fights differently and like different things.

“Sean’s done the honourable thing. He could have gone down a different route but he’s felt himself it must’ve been a close fight and wanted to do it again.”

VIP Promotions’ Steve Wood said: “You’ve got to give a lot of credit to Sean. He came in at very short notice last time and got the win, and he had no reservations about taking on Adam again and defending his title. Sean’s seen what his stablemate ‘Masher’ Dodd has done in the game, and that’s inspired him, so it’s a great story.

“The fight last time was close, it was all-action and great to watch. This time, Sean is even more confident and I know Adam feels he has a point to prove so it should be another great fight for the fans to watch.”

VIP Promotions presents an evening of boxing at Leigh Sports Village on December 3.

Headlining will be Birkenhead’s Sean Lewis defending the Central Area welterweight title against Liverpool’s Adam Ismail.

Appearing on the undercard will be Liverpool’s Andy Colquhoun, Lloyd Campbell, Ryan Mulcahy, Richard Starkey, and Luke Willis; Lancashire’s Steve Brogan; Chorley’s Mark Jeffers; Darwen’s Mickey Ellison; Bolton’s Jack Cullen; Ellesmere Port’s Mason Cartwright; Preston’s Ben Swarbick and debutant Tom McGuinness.

Tickets priced at £30 (general) and £50 (ringside) are available from vipboxing.tv, all boxers, and on the door on the evening.

The show will be streamed live and free at vipboxing.tv

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