WBC, VADA urge fighters to double check their supplements

WBC 30/11/2016

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman is urging boxers to carefully check with sports physicians before taking supplements.

The WBC Clean Program with VADA- Voluntary Anti Doping Association, is committed to randomly testing champions and the first fifteen ranked fighters in each division.

Mauricio stressed there are very few intentional cases of doping. But some fighters simply don’t know what’s in the supplements they’re swallowing.

Case in hand at the WBC weekly Presser. Bantamweight fighter Edgar “Power” Jiminez was asked if he was taking a supplement. He confirmed he is, but doesn’t know what it contains…adding a doctor has approved it.

Mauricio is urging fighters to look before they leap, by checking with medical specialists concerning safe, approved and certified supplements. The health risks can be highly dangerous, as well as long lasting and life changing