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Home » Nick Blackwell procedure relieves skull pressure, sedation removed

Nick Blackwell procedure relieves skull pressure, sedation removed

The 26 year-old, who was told by doctors he could never fight again after being put in a coma by Chris Eubank Jr. in March, had reportedly been trading blows in the gym before Blackwell was rushed to hospital.

Trainer Gary Lockett has since expressed his disbelief at the news of Blackwell’s risk taking, which comes on the back of the recent high-profile passing of Scotland’s Mike Towell in September.

“I can’t believe the boxer he sparred with, and (the) coach or coaches involved, would ever allow Nick to spar when he’s had a brain injury,” Lockett said in a statement.

“In due course, I hope they are dealt with by the British Boxing Board of Control in the correct manner.

“We thought that was all going very well and while we knew Nick missed boxing, we obviously didn’t realise the extent to which he missed it.

“I am deeply saddened by what has happened. Nick is not just an ex-boxer of mine, but also someone I consider to be a friend.”

It’s still unclear whether Blackwell will fully recover from this latest episode, although the lack of sedation would point to the Trowbridge man’s condition no longer being life-threatening.