Tommy Langford crowned new British middleweight champion

Longshots 28/11/2016
Tommy Langford is the new British Middleweight champion after defeating Sheffield’s Sam Sheedy in Cardiff on Saturday night, edging the contest on the judges scorecards on a split decision.
It was a contest you couldn’t keep your eyes off as Sheedy’s awkwardness and unorthodox style made him a tricky customer for Langford, but Langford’s far greater work rate proved pivotal as he ended up on the right side of the scorecards.

Langford started the fight well as he stuck to a one-two combination which he regularly found success with. Sheedy spent more time showboating in the first 4 rounds then he did throwing punches as he tried to lure Tommy into his trap, but Sheedy’s child’s play wasn’t enough to fool Langford as he stuck to his game plan and stayed the much busier fighter.

The fight tossed and turned during the middle rounds as Tommy won a clear round in the 6th  to then let the 7th slip as he allowed his Sheffield opponent take control of the middle of the ring and successfully landed clean on many occasions as he put Langford on the back foot.
But as Sheedy’s confidence grew, a big right hand by Langford in the 8th was good enough to clinch him the round and put Sheedy back into his shell as he barely threw a punch for the rest of the round.

As the fight went into the championship rounds, it was Langford that was edging the rounds with his busy work rate. The cleaner shots were being thrown by Sheedy but there wasn’t enough coming from him to take the rounds.

You could feel the tension in the atmosphere as Sheedy finished with a big effort and arguably won his clearest round in the last.

The tension grew higher as the arena awaited the judges results as a split decision was announced but It was Tommy Langford’s name which was read out as the victor as Tommy’s name makes it into history books and onto the  Lonsdale belt; the right man winning the fight. The cards read 117-113, 113-115,  116-114.