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Home » Kris George stuns Cameron Hammond to win Commonwealth belt

Kris George stuns Cameron Hammond to win Commonwealth belt

George’s comprehensive victory over the previously undefeated Hammond (UD 117-111, 119-109, 117-110) has certainly made waves.

After the bout George declared: “Bigger and better things are coming in 2017.”

“The UK, The USA whatever fight makes the most sense – I’m ready.

“The bigger opportunities are going to come with this title,” George said.

George’s Manager Brendon Smith from TGW & Smithy’s Promotions will now look at what options are available.

“First of all, this is time for Kris to enjoy the moment – he’s just won the Commonwealth title – that’s a huge feat,” Smith said.

“When the dust settles I’ll talk to Kris and his trainer Craig Monagle and see what’s next.

“The way I see it – there is only fight in Australia for Kris and that’s Jeff Horn.

“Jeff was there to witness Kris beat his stablemate Cameron Hammond on Friday night and it’s no secret it’s a fight Kris George wants.

“It would be a huge fight in Australia and a crowd pleasing fight.

“We’ll see if that’s an avenue to pursue and of course as the holder of the Commonwealth title that opens huge doors into the UK.

“We’ll wait and see after the new ratings are released by the Commonwealth Boxing Council and we can see what’s next from there.

“It’s exciting times for Kris George,” Smith said.

Capping off a great night for local boxers Brent Rice is the new Australian super featherweight champion with a majority decision victory over the previously undefeated Matt Casboult.

Rice’s win keeps the title on the Darling Downs. The previous holder of the belt was Will Young who retired last year.

Rice, who is trained by his father Bobby – is also managed by Brendon Smith under the TGW & Smithy’s Promotions banner.

“I’m thrilled for Brent and Bobby to win the title,” Smith said.

“It’s a big achievement for Brent at only his fifth professional bout.

“With Brent, it’s time for him to celebrate his victory, enjoy a break and then we will get together and work out what’s next.”

Meanwhile City once again has the bragging rights winning the Brayd Smith Cup for the second year in succession. City captain Jarred Barr lifted the trophy after City won five matches to Country’s three.

“Congrats to City, it was a great line up of amateur fights.

“There was some future stars on show that’s for certain.

“Warwick’s Jacob Wyllie who was captain of country really turned some heads as did Jarred Barr, Lachie Edwards and Xavier Va’a but overall there was so many great performances.

“Country now has 12 months to regroup and come back next year and try and turn the tables.

“Overall it was another great night of boxing and it’s a huge thanks to our fans and sponsors for making it all possible.

“We’ll be back in the new year – possibly in March for our next show.”