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Young fighter dies following one-punch knockout

The 22 year-old was dropped in the final round of his amateur debut leading to a catastrophic head injury at the Atlantis Arena in Great Yarmouth on Saturday after putting in months of training.

Moczyk suffered bleeding on the brain and was rushed to hospital where his family prayed he would make some sort of recovery.

A fundraising page was set up by his sister Magdalena in the wake of the incident as the family hoped to send Moczyk abroad for specialized treatment.

Sadly, Moczyk passed away on Wednesday evening.

According to trainer Scott Osinski, Moczyk was winning the fight when caught by a punch on the right side of his temple causing the problem.

A first aid team were ringside at the time and tried to make the boxer comfortable before paramedics arrived.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council confirmed to the BBC that the venue was permitted to stage boxing events, although environmental health are reported to be looking into the matter.

Norfolk police confirmed they, “would not be investigating the matter” – when asked for comment.

The death of Moczyk comes just less than two months of from the death of Mike Towell in Scotland.