Kovalev disheartened, accuses US judges of political decision in favouring Ward

kovalev ward

Russian puncher Sergey Kovalev took his frustrations out on the ring officials on Saturday night after going down to a first career defeat against Andre Ward in Las Vegas.

‘Krusher’ was beaten by a wafer thin decision on all three scorecards when defending his clutch of light-heavyweight belts and cited the possibility of nationality coming into play for Ward’s victory.

“It’s a wrong decision. I don’t want to say my opinion but there’s people, witnesses here and everybody saw what happened,” Kovalev said to HBO’s Max Kellerman in his post-fight interview.

“I wanted this fight since I was eleven years old. It was the fight of my life and really, I’m disappointed with the judges’ decision.

“Maybe he got a few rounds, I’d agree but not the full fight. I kept control all the fight, all the rounds. I lost maybe three rounds in the whole fight.

“Of course I want the rematch and I will kick his ass like that but I wanted to show good boxing.

“I am a guest in the USA and of course all the judges are from the USA. I agree with them supporting their fighter but be honest. Don’t make it politics, it’s a sport,” he added.

A rematch between the pair is set to be lobbied for, not only by the fans but media alike, who want to see two of the best fighters boxing has to offer go at it a second time to see if a conclusive winner can be found.

The first quarter of the fight belonged to Kovalev, of that there is no doubt, although Ward came on strong towards the end and the champion just didn’t do enough to keep his belts in one of the most enthralling contests of 2016.