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Darren Traynor wins: Results from Aberdeen

4×3 Welterweight – James Gorman 10’1 vs Marek Laskowski 10’3

The contest started as Laskowski looked to utilise his southpaw stance effectively early against the experienced Belfast man as he looked to switch up the angles.

Bit scrappy in round two but the Aberdeen’s Laskowski displayed the higher work rate as he landed some cute shots on the inside.

Laskowski who had utilised the jab well looked to find a way in to landing a big straight left hand on the Gorman who’s defence had been pretty solid throughout.

Aberdeen’s Laskowski looked to close the contest strong, working well off the double jab, as his work rate remained solid against the tough Gorman.

40-36 Laskowski

Arthur Selivanovs 9’10 vs Alec Bazza 9’12

The opening round was fast paced, with both fighters looking to land big shots. The better work came from the Peterhead man in a relatively evenly contested round.

The pace stayed relatively high in round two however the better work came from ‘King’ Arthur who controlled the range well.

Another fast paced round sees Arthur land the better work however Bazza still remained in the fight as he landed a couple of effective counters on the Peterhead man.

Peterhead’s ‘King’ continued at a fast pace and produced some better work in the latter stages as he looked to have settled into the contest.

Artur Selivanovs 40-36

Ronnie Clarke 9’6 vs Nobert Kalucza 9’6 8×3

Sharp opening to the contest as Clarke was mixing up his shots. A right hook seemed to hurt Kalucza early in the first round. Clarke proceeded to apply educated pressure which concluded in Clarke flooring his Hungarian opponent who competed at the Beijing Olympic Games with a peach of a right uppercut. Kalucza failed to meet the referees count.

The referee in charge Mr Kenny Pringle stopped the contest after 1.20 of round number one. Clarke looked in phenomenal shape and after a performance like that titles must beckon for the Dundee Super Featherweight. Clarke will now look for the opportunity to box for the British title with an eliminator looking likely for his next contest.

Main event – Scottish Lightweight title fight – Darren Traynor 9’6 vs Andrei Podusov 9’7

Good start with both fighters looking to make an impact on the contest early. The fight began to turn into a war at the end of the first with Glenrothes Podusov getting the better of the exchange.

Both fighters trading in what is turning into be a very evenly matched contest. The better work coming from Traynor in round 2, however Podusov landed some solid power punches that definitely affected the Aberdeen man.

Aberdeen’s Train Wreck settled in round 3 and started displaying his boxing ability. Glenrothes man Podusov looked to make it a war when possible but the cleaner work along with control of the ring was in favour of Traynor.

Podusov looked as if he was tiring in four and looked for the big shot as the Traynor’s work rate looked to have had an effect on the Glenrothes man.

Traynor looked to close the show in the fifth as the pace seemed to be affecting Podusov. The Glenrothes Latvian held on and did come back with some wild work, however ‘Train Wreck’ Traynor was now in complete control.

Round 6 was more of the same. Traynor had found his rhythm and was controlling the pace of the fight with relative ease as little was coming back from the ever tiring Latvian native.

Podusov was gallant in effort and did landed the occasional heavy counter however former British title challenger Traynor did look a level above as he continued to work well off his jab.

After more of the same in round 8 the Podusov corner decided to retire him in what many saw as the correct decision after what was a gallant effort from the Glenrothes resident.

Darren Traynor continues his winning ways as he picks up the Scottish Lightweight title – Overall an enjoyable evening and good value for money!