Hatton, Katsidis and many more predict George v Hammond clash

TGW & Smithy 17/11/2016
Smithy TGW

KRIS GEORGE VS CAMERON HAMMOND HAS PEOPLE TALKING. Who will win? what round they’ll win, why they’ll win. Opinions remain divided. A number of current boxers, past boxers, trainers, managers and promoters have all had their say.

While opinions are divided – there is a common thread among the comments – If Cameron Hammond can utilise his speed and skills he’ll win the fight and if Kris George happens to land one of his trademark bombs – the bout is his for the taking.

Take a look at the comments below.

RICKY HATTON – Hatton Promotions

“Tricky fight for Cameron, but a fight I’m confident Cameron will win. Having said that he does have to go into George’s home town, he’s got to go into the lion’s den which is never easy but I’m very confident he can win the belt and kick on from there.

GLENN RUSHTON – Cameron Hammond’s trainer.

“While I respect Kris for his courageous efforts so far, Cameron is at another level altogether. He combines raw talent, slick boxing skills honed from years representing Australia at the highest level, incredible toughness and explosive power.”

CRAIG MONAGLE – Kris George’s trainer.

“Kris is ready and he is the fittest and strongest I have ever seen him. As for a prediction – let’s see what comes out of it and Cameron Will need to be ready for a war.”

ANGELO DI CARLO – Qld Promoter.

“My honest belief is Cameron will outbox Kris George but any fighter that underestimates a fighter like Kris George who has World class power of which we have seen on many occasions could end up just like several fighters before have done on there arse. Hats of to two talented Aussie fighters.”

BARRY MICHAEL – Former World Champion & current Victorian Promoter.

“I really haven’t seen Kris George but just looking at both records and having seen Cameron a couple of times I have got to favour him to win by decision.”

PAUL NASARI – New South Wales Promoter

“I really haven’t seen Kris George but just looking at both records and having seen Cameron a couple of times I have got to favour him to win by decision.”

BRIAN AMATRUDA – Victorian Promoter.

“I predict Cameron will win on points. He will run from Kris’ power for most of the fight and cruise to a fairly comprehensive win. In saying that if Kris can land a big shot he has the power to cause an upset.

Great fight for the Australian public.”

DEAN LONERGAN – Duco Promotions

“Kris George by 6th round stoppage.”

STU DUNCAN – World renowned Matchmaker.

“Interesting fight, Hammond has the skills to outbox Kris George but George improves with each outing and has genuine one punch KO power. Statistically Hammond has the experience and will no doubt be the favourite – he has respected coach Glenn Rushton cornering for the first time who is a master tactician, as long as Hammond can deliver on his instructions then one would think Hammond on points.

I’m not so certain with this one as I have witnessed George weather the storm against red hot Kiwi prospect Bowyn Morgan stopping him with a big punch in his last fight and we all know Mike Tysons famous quote “everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face”. George has only suffered the one questionable points loss and while he is the underdog he will be confident coming off a win over Morgan.

Hammond has only fought once this year against an opponent with a record of 1-1 which he won on points which does him no favours. This will be a good crowd pleaser and if Hammond delivers on the instructions from coach Rushton then I see him winning on points as George also has a solid chin. If Hammond’s defence is sloppy or he is 98% there George will win by KO.”

GRAHAM SHAW – New South Wales trainer , trains Paul Gallen & Jack Brubaker and former trainer of Daniel Geale.

“I believe this is a 50/50 fight. Its an opportunity for Kris to show that he belongs at this level as much it is for Cameron to consolidate his position as a fighter on the rise. Its an interesting match up and worthy of a Commonwealth title.”

DANNY CHEETHAM – Moree trainer, who has previously worked with Cameron Hammond.

“I think Cameron Hammond will give Kris a boxing lesson. I believe in Round 5, Kris George will realise that he is in over his head, and by Round 9 Cameron will up the pressure, and I believe he will stop Kris in round 9 by TKO.”

CHRIS MCCULLEN – Brisbane trainer & Assistant trainer of Anthony Mundine.

“This is actually one of the harder fights to pick a winner. I’m a big believer of speed beats power so I would have Hammond, but I’m an even bigger believer hard work beats everything and I think Kris has that over Cameron. Cameron is one of the most skilled and talented fighters I’ve seen and if Kris thinks Hammond is fast then expect him to be faster than he is imagining because there’s not many as fast in this country, and don’t underestimate Cameron’s power.

Kris is obviously very strong and with a good work ethic and I love that in a fighter plus I know Craig Monagle will have him ready to beat anyone put in front of him.

I will go on my original theory that hard work beats everything, Kris will need to stay out of trouble as best as he can early and break Cameron down as the fight goes on.

I’m going to pick the home town boy and go with Kris George.

I will add it’s one of the best matched fights I’ve seen in some time, both very good boys in their own right. Massive credit to Cameron, Kris, Brendon Smith and both camps.”

DEREK MILHAM – WBA Oceania Secretary

“Not since the infamous Tommy Burns vs George Barnes fights have we seen a Welterweight matchup so appealing between two elite Australian boxers.

Having refereed both Cameron Hammond and Kris George and keenly following their careers this is a match that is guaranteed to fill the house and see the roof almost lifted when the sports mad Toowoomba fans are in full cry. Congratulations to Brendon Smith of TGW Promotions for staging the Commonwealth Welterweight title bout set or Nov 22 at Rumours in the rural community of Toowoomba.

I cannot pick the winner of this event with Cameron Hammond now training in the Glen Rushton gym and having the highly rated Jeff Horn as a sparring partner. Hammond is the fast punching clever boxer compared with Toowoomba based George more of an aggressive banger.
Both boxers have suffered periods of lack of motivation owing to difficulty in obtaining opponents that they can really get up for, so I can imagine both have been working hard towards the prestigious title fight and will be prepared to do whatever it takes.

Individually Cameron Hammond has the superior boxing skills and amazing hand speed. Kris George has the superior punching power and a left hook that can finish a bout. In my opinion this fight will go right down to the wire and become a war of attrition. I cannot pick a winner but cannot wait to witness this Commonwealth title fight. Bring it on.”

MICHAEL KATSIDIS – Former 2 time lightweight World Champion.

“I have sparred with both men at different stages of their careers. When I sparred Cameran Hammond he had good distance and used angles really well. Kris on the other hand would take more chances and stay inside willing to exchange more often trying different ways to come out of each exchange more dominant each time progressively the more we sparred.

Both men are at peaks of their career. I believe this fight is a must win for either fighter to know where their future lies. My advice would be to choose another trade to the loser of this bout. To be the best you must undoubtedly dominate to be able earn the opportunity to fight amongst the elite. When I had been sparring Cameron Hammond I had been some what inactive at that stage of my career. However I was more so under the watchful eye of Brendon Smith when I sparred Kris George. Kris is an intelligent man and has his priorities throughout life and business in order. He knows exactly how much is on the line when he fights Hammond on the 25th November. Has Cameron Hammond had this same reckoning? I’m unsure. I am sure that Kris George has and has the edge in power and the intelligence to use it wisely. Whilst making mistakes in the past has suffered a loss and has since recouped and should be ready to pull out all stops. I can’t see why else he would stay in the sport so he undoubtedly has that confidence in himself.

It’s a pick em fight but a few home truths will come out on the evening of the 25th at Rumours International. Only one man will be crowned the champion of the Commonwealth and I believe that to be Kris George. He knows he has too much at stake and put simply has too much artillery physically and mentally. The winner will go onto big things. Good luck to both men and may the best man win.”

WILL NASIO – Australian Heavyweight Champion.

“I’m a fan of both these fighters. I was live in NZ when Kris was behind on points but then unleashed his monster left hand to stop the home town favourite. He’s got bombs in his left hand. That’s the key for him to win is to land it.

But Hammond has been doing this for a while, and it will be a tough task for Kris to land his monster left hand. My prediction is Hammonds skills will edge out Kris on points unless Kris can find his target with his left bomb.”

OZAN CRADDOCK – Former opponent of Kris George.

“Well firstly, I agree with Kris with what he said about something along the lines of “what constitutes a better boxer”, after hearing everyone say Hammond is better than him. Because this is pro boxing, how can you say Hammond is better just because he was a more decorated amateur. Pro boxing the gloves are designed for knockouts, whereas amateur gloves were designed for safety. It’s fast paced, only having 3 rounds and scored differently.

Everyone has a punchers chance in there and you’re only one punch away from disaster.
After moving around with both boys, I think it’s fair to say Kris is the puncher and Hammond is the technician. I think this is a fight where if you had 10 different fights there would be 10 different outcomes.

Hammond can get lazy and comfortable in there, which I experienced firsthand that you can’t switch off for a split second against Kris. My prediction is either Kris by KO or Hammond on points. If Hammond turns up sharp and keeps his feet fast with in and out attacks then back on his bike; then he wins on points.
If he stands and trades it could end badly for him. End of the day it’s an exciting fight for Aus boxing and respect to both boys for taking the fight.”

TRENT BROADHURST – World rated light heavyweight.

“This is a 50/50 fight, on one hand you have undoubtedly one of the most naturally talented fighters in Hammond and on the other you have a big, fit and strong fighter in George. Hammond can be a bit lazy at times during his fights and I expect he will rise to the occasion but the home town support and the no quit attitude George brings with him might catch up with Hammond in the later rounds.”

VIC DARCHINYAN – Former World Champion.

“It’s an evenly matched fight, should be a great fight, best of luck to both fighters.”

JACK BRUBAKER – Sydney welterweight, who is keen to fight the winner.

“This is a tough fight to pick. George is in good form after his KO vs Bowyn Morgan and is a man on a mission with nothing to lose everything to gain. He will be desperate to win and this will be dangerous for Hammond who is yet to lose but in my eyes, has never been really tested.

I’m leaning towards Hammond if he uses his skills and doesn’t get caught in a war with Kris. This has the makings for a top fight and could go either way.

I’ll be looking forward to a shot at the winner in 2017.”

PAUL GALLEN – NSW Origin Captain and Undefeated heavyweight boxer.

“Great fight, Kris George to win by knock out.”

LES SHERRINGTON – Former 2 time WBF Champion.

“Kris George round 7 via stoppage. Very close first 4 rounds until Kris George starts landing his trademark bombs, wearing Hammond down until the ref stops it. I don’t see Hammond being able to withstand the power of Kris George.”