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Boxing and Bingo: Choosing your opponents wisely

It’s all fun and games to focus on the glitz-and-glam of it all:  the colour of our boxing gloves, the size of the ring, the sound of the bell, the viewers watching us – but what’s really important to consider is who we are up against.

Everybody wants to be successful. In life, you have to work hard and climb the ladder to become the world-champion. Very few people are born world-champions. It takes discipline and determination to become the best you can be. So when a boxer sets his mind to becoming the very best he can possibly be, he needs to be prepared to work his way through opponents to eventually box against the best.

Like many things in life, boxing is a game. You have to cleverly select who you want to befriend and who you want to compete with. Friends in the boxing world can help guide and teach you, while opponents are those competing athletes you want to play against and ultimately beat.

Let’s make this easy and compare to something we all love. A good game of bingo – our personal favourite place to play is at wink bingo, where the winnings are definitely worth the sweat! Bingo starts by warming up the players as the games begins gradually by asking players to complete a full row or column. As the numbers are called out, we slowly begin to fill one row. Just like a boxer begins his career fighting amatuer boxers, like himself, to gain confidence and practice his skills.

The game of bingo then asks for two rows, or three. As a boxer makes his way up the ranks, he gains confidence and improves on his game as he takes on more skilled opponents.

The game becomes interesting when we are asked to cover the border of our bingo sheets, something a little trickier and more time consuming – just like competing to get into the world heavyweight championship.

And finally, we tackle the full house. We take on the big boys. The boxer has made it to a pivotal point in his boxing career. After years and years of training and perfecting his upper cut, he has arrived. The ring is his to own.

And when he boxes to the best of his ability, blow-by-blow, he becomes the champion. The bell rings and his heart screams BINGO! He’s done it. He’s won the title that he has worked so hard to achieve.