Roach explains five-year injury Pacquiao dealt with for first Mayweather fight

Trainer Freddie Roach says Manny Pacquiao’s injury that ultimately cost him a good performance against Floyd Mayweather in 2015 stretched back to 2010 and was debilitating to the Filipino.

Pacquiao, 37, has looked awesome in his last two fights since taking care of a shoulder ailment which Roach says flared up during the contest with Mayweather which broke all box office records in Las Vegas.

“It was a pretty bad injury,” Roach told The Philippine Star.

“If you talk to the surgeon, it was five-year old injury that was never taken care of. Whenever the strength and conditioning coach would apply plyometrics with Manny, his shoulder would always flare up. They’re very limited in what they could do with it. It had been a bad shoulder for a long time but when he tore it, it was pretty bad.

“By fight time, though, we were doing mitts in the locker room, he was looking really good. I thought everything was okay. But by the fourth round, he told me his shoulder’s shot; he threw it out. We had to have surgery on the shoulder, but it turned out pretty well.”

Reports are circulating that Mayweather is ready to end his self-imposed retirement to face Pacquiao for a second time on May 6, 2017 after the former pound for pound king showed up at the Senator’s recent world title win over Jessie Vargas.

The ‘Pacman’ won a unanimous decision to take back his place as the world’s number one fighter, something Mayweather now has his eye on as well as an unprecedented 50th career win and massive paycheck.