Hearn: Brook v Khan deal would take ten minutes

Kell Brook Amir Khan

Esther Lin

Promoter Eddie Hearn believes negotiations to pit welterweight rivals Kell Brook and Amir Khan together would be a straightforward affair.

Brook and Khan are both on the comeback trail from losses to much bigger opponents in Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez, with the pair namedropping each other for comeback fights.

As speculation grows, Hearn says it wouldn’t be a hard task to agree a deal and the main sticking point would be getting to two fighters in the same room to discuss a blockbuster event.

“It’s one of the biggest fights in Britain and now a huge fight in world boxing,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“If Amir is ready to take that fight next, let’s just get it on. We could do a deal in 10 minutes in a room, we really can.

“We’re a million per cent ready to take that fight. I’ve spoken to Amir and I believe that fight will happen and we want it next.”

On the fight actually coming to fruition, Hearn was rather more sceptical.

“I think Amir wants to have another fight and build towards that fight,” said Hearn.

“We’re easy, but let’s make these fights the British fight fans want, and Brook-Khan is just one we’re dying for,” he added.