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Home » Joshua blocks out Klitschko, tunnel vision on Molina test

Joshua blocks out Klitschko, tunnel vision on Molina test

The former Olympic champion puts his title belt on the line for the second time ahead of a massive spring unification fight with Klitschko but is fully focused on the task at hand against the dangerous American on December 10.

“I started preparing my body for camp and then training for this date. I don’t want to mention Wladimir Klitschko too much because that’s not the relevant opponent – Eric Molina is the man that will stand across the ring from me on December 10. He’s a tough competitor and represents a strong challenge to me. We are competing for my belt and the guys that want to become world champion raise their levels by 50-60 percent,” said Joshua.

“There’s nowhere to hide on fight night. There’s no change in my focus for Eric. Wladimir doesn’t enter the equation for me. People will talk about him and I’ll answer the questions, but that’s as far as it goes. He’s not in my mind, Eric is.

“I don’t get involved in other people’s issues or stories, it’s nothing to do with me. It wasn’t that long ago that no one cared what I was doing, so I don’t really have to prove myself to anyone aside from myself.

“The division has been blown wide open but they’ve been saying that for a while and they will keep saying it until someone dominates the division again. It’s not so much about brand and hype, it’s about guys like Eric that come with true heart and are gladiators and fight for the love of the sport, and leave everything in the ring on fight night.