Rushton training Hammond against ex-charge George

TGW & Smithy 04/11/2016
Smithy TGW

THE MAN WHO IS GUIDING THE CAREER OF THE FIGHTER WHO KRIS GEORGE wants to fight the most is now in the corner of Cameron Hammond. As if this super bout didn’t have enough spice – now you can add more with confirmation Cameron Hammond is now trained by Glenn Rushton.

Rushton is the trainer of Jeff Horn, the IBF’s no.2 ranked welterweight and the man widely regarded as Australia’s next World Champion and also the man Kris George has been chasing for a bout for over two years.

Kris George didn’t plan on seeing Glenn Rushton standing in the opposite corner to him until he met Jeff Horn. However with this latest twist the pair will now be opposite each other on November 25.

“I have recently taken over the training of Cameron Hammond as he prepares for a Commonwealth title fight against Kris George,” Glenn Rushton confirmed.

On paper it’s one of the fights of the year. George is 11-1, Hammond is 16-0 but according to Rushton the pair are worlds apart.

“While I respect Kris for his courageous efforts so far, Cameron is at another level altogether,” Rushton declared.

“He combines raw talent, slick boxing skills honed from years representing Australia at the highest level, incredible toughness and explosive power.

“It’s going to be one heck of a fight as I know Kris will give it everything he has in front of his home crowd.”

Rushton is also very familiar with Kris George. Firstly as a result of Kris pursuing a bout with Jeff Horn and secondly for the Silencer’s last win in New Zealand on a Duco card – who also promote Jeff Horn, when he scored a stunning knock out win over the previously undefeated Bowyn Morgan.

“I realise that Kris is very tough,” Rushton said.

“He showed that when he climbed off the canvas against New Zealand’s Bowyn Morgan to win.

“However most people don’t realise how strong the lightly built Cameron is.

“Rest assured he is tough and has a good chin, I’ve seen it tested on numerous occasions.

“It should also be remembered that he broke Damiel Lewis’ jaw in a bout and Daniel went on to represent Australia at the 2016 Rio Olympics.”

For Rushton and Hammond it’s a partnership that already has a lot of symmetry.

“I know Cameron very well as he has been making the trek from from Moree to Brisbane to spar Jeff Horn for over five years now.

“These two London Olympians have sparred an enormous amount of rounds together.

“I’ve always had a very high opinion of Cameron who is very gifted.

“Apart from Jeff I always thought he was Australia’s next best prospect from the London Games.

“I recall him going into the National titles one year with virtually no training – and winning.

“Who does that? Who else could do that? – It just underlies his raw talent.”