Five Insane Boxing Facts You Probably Never Knew Nothing About

WBN 04/11/2016

Five Totally Awesome Facts About Boxing You Totally Wish You Knew Sooner.

Boxing is not a sport. It is a passion. In fact, we are talking about one of the few sports that are applicable in real life. Just think about if – if we are talking about soccer players – how many of them really know what to do with the ball? How many of them stroll for longer than a walk to the fridge for beer between matches?

Boxing, on the other hand, is very similar to the art of war. A sport of tactics and tough strikes any fan knows by heart. Yeah, boxing fans can really pack a punch if need be. Am I right? I can bet here by saying that your left jab breaks concrete!

Fun beyond the ring!

An age-old sport with an impressive historical track record certainly hides countless fun facts from our sight. Yes it is an engaging sight when pros are at the ring, but were you never curious about what happens beyond it? I know I have and that’s exactly how I came up with this prominent list!

So here is the question – do you feel the same way? Are you as driven with the sport as I am? Are you as curious? If you’ve answered Yes to even one of those questions – keep on reading. This post is for you!

Top 5 crazy boxing facts

  1. Who is the world’s best boxer, the one you care really bet on at bet-uk? That one is for you to decide. But did you know that Len Wickwar stepped in the professional ring for impressive 463 times between 1928 and 1947. He won (336 times) and lost (127 times) more than any other boxer.
  2. Young Otto is probably the guy no one wants to mess around with as he holds the record for most consecutive KO’s in the first round.
  3. A two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman has made a lot more money by simply selling grills than from his prominent boxing career. Now that’s a punch that probably hurts.
  4. Did you know that boxing gloves are superiorly more dangerous than bare knuckle boxing? They have, statistically, resulted in more casualties. They were not introduced into the ring for safety! Their purpose was to increase hit-to-head ratio and pomp up knockout drama.
  5. John Heenan, a pro boxer was beaten badly enough one time in a bare knuckle match that an actual artist was hired to capture his injuries in oil for next generations to admire. Imagine what an impressive sight that was!

Sure these aren’t the facts that will help you win more cash on betting for the next match, but these are the facts that will make you smile and enjoy the fights a bit more.