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Home » Exclusive: Oquendo manager rages at ‘Mummy v Lughead’ (Browne-Briggs), mulls further legal move

Exclusive: Oquendo manager rages at ‘Mummy v Lughead’ (Browne-Briggs), mulls further legal move

Despite the fact Fres Oquendo won a court action to fight for the belt, the WBA announced Oquendo wouldn’t be ready in time despite Tsatas previously informing WBN the veteran would return from surgery early in 2017.

Oquendo has now been slated to face the winner of Browne v Briggs, although Tsatas in not happy with the way the whole situation has been dealt with and is considering further ramifications against the WBA.

“I’m not going to be politically correct on this matter and I must stress that this is my opinion and not that of Fres or our promoters. I like to tell the truth,” Tsatas exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’m unapologetic, but just like the press thought I was crazy five or ten years ago when I said Oquendo would fight for the title. Or when ten years ago I said David Haye would be heavyweight champion when he was 15-1. Or when I was going to re-open the 5th St gym with Angelo. When we got screwed in Chechnya they laughed when I said we would win the lawsuit.

“Nevertheless, I have looked at the November 1, 2016 WBA resolution ordering a Browne vs. Briggs fight for the vacate WBA Heavyweight title. The Mummy vs the Lughead, there’s a pair for you.

“The resolution states that ‘on September 8, 2016, the WBA received notice that Oquendo had not yet fully recovered from his November 30, 2015 shoulder surgery and was not immediately available to face Browne.’ – First of all, what the resolution does not say is that the doctor’s letter that the WBA was sent states that ‘Mr. Oquendo has made tremendous progress in his rehabilitation and could be ready for the Browne fight.’

“However, it is my opinion, and I have recommended to Mr. Oquendo, that he take some additional time to fully recover from his surgery and complete his rehabilitation on a normal schedule and that he should not proceed with the Browne fight, at this time.

“It has been seven weeks since we sent that letter. Just last week on October 25, I gave a public interview (with World Boxing News) saying that Fres was ready to fight.

“I get that the WBA had to reinstate Lughead (Briggs) due to some alleged Ali Act movement issues, but we are the next in line to fight for the title and if this does not get fixed soon we are going to have to go court again. You can bank on it and it will get ugly again. Let’s hope my patience doesn’t get tested. Just because I’ve been quiet it doesn’t get mistaken for weakness.

“On a side note I would like to add that our team and specifically John Wirt and his tenacity started this trend of lawsuits to get promoters and organizations to do the right thing for the fighters,” he added.

Browne v Briggs has been ordered to take place by December 31, 2016 meaning Oquendo faces a wait of at least another five months to fight for the belt, which has obviously not gone down well with his management.