Mike Towell asked doctors for brain scan, family makes complaint

Phil Jay 30/10/2016

The circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Scottish boxer Mike Towell have raised questions from the family over his pre-fight care.

The 25 year-old had complained to NHS Tayside previously about headaches he was getting, only to be given painkillers for migraines after being sent on his way.

Towell’s girlfriend Chloe Ross revealed the problem just hours after the likeable fighter was declared dead following a five-round loss to Dale Evans in Glasgow last month.

A formal complaint has now been made following revelations from Ross that Towell had asked NHS Tayside to send him for a brain scan.

“We have received a complaint and we are in direct contact with the family,” NHS Tayside confirmed to STV, as more details emerge from the months before ‘Iron Mike’ passed away.

A while before his fateful fight with Evans, Towell had gone to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee after suffering painful headaches resulting from a sparring session. Towell was given co-codamol and aspirin to help him but was not sent for a scan despite being a professional boxer.

As a result, Towell did not participate in any sparring after his visit to hospital – although his management team have denied anybody knew about the headaches before the contest got underway at St. Andrews Sporting Club.