EXCLUSIVE: David Price airs views on Tony Bellew vs David Haye

Coldwell Boxing

Heavyweight David Price has given his thoughts on a possible top division between training partner Tony Bellew and UK rival David Haye.

Price, who goes through daily drills with Bellew under coach David Coldwell, was ringside earlier this month when Bellew pummelled Haye’s friend BJ Flores in three rounds and witnessed first-hand the furor that took place in the immediate aftermath.

The 33-year-old watched on alongside thousands of others at the Echo Arena as Bellew jumped out of the ring in a bid to get close to Haye after the pair shared months of personal insults back and forth.

Last May, Bellew’s 200 pound WBC title win was the catalyst for ‘The Bomber’ to seek out the one-time cruiserweight king, a contest he’d willingly take above his current limit.

Facing Haye at 210 or 215 pounds is a distinct possibility should ‘The Hayemaker’ decide to jump on board for an encounter in 2017.

Furthermore, Price believes Bellew’s post-fight antics were just a display of the Liverpudlian’s strong desire to land a massive test.

“It didn’t surprise me what happened with Haye as I know Tony well,” Price exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Tony is an emotional person, and he was highly charged on the night. He hadn’t told me what he would do, but I know he did it with Nathan Cleverly, and I just thought Tony would do something similar. He actually went one further, though, and jumped out of the ring.

“Haye looked a bit startled, but Tony wears his heart on his sleeve, and that has to be expected sometimes.”

Asked whether Bellew moving up a weight would be a wise move, Price added: “Tony will cope fine at heavyweight. He walks around at that weight, and Tony has a good team around him who will take care of moving up.

“People seem to be writing him off, but that’s the nature of boxing. If shocks didn’t happen, boxing wouldn’t be interesting.”

Despite some fans believing Bellew is just after a massive payday, Price says it would hard to begrudge his friend a massive opportunity and firmly sees the capability of an upset win.

“Even if that’s the case, who would hold that against him?

“Tony has worked hard, and he’s earned the right to have a big money fight. But I know that won’t be the case with Tony, and he’ll be going in there to win. I know he’d have a real chance of winning against David Haye.

“He’d only have to catch Haye flush with one of those left hooks as for me. Tony’s probably got one of the best-left hooks in the business. Plus, he’s not going to go in there and trade as he did with Flores.

“People forget Tony has a good boxing brain as well, and David Haye isn’t the man he was four years ago. He seems to have lost a yard of pace in the fights I’ve seen of him this year, but maybe he had a bit of ring rust. I can’t tell – we’d have to see more of him.

“One thing’s for sure, It’s going to be interesting if the fight comes off,” added Price.