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Home » Exclusive: Molina aims for Joshua, says he’d destroy ‘weak jaw’ Price

Exclusive: Molina aims for Joshua, says he’d destroy ‘weak jaw’ Price

The 34 year-old joined David Price and David Haye in expressing interest in challenging IBF title holder Anthony Joshua in Manchester, but would also accept a clash with the former should ‘AJ’ choose an alternative route. 

Joshua is awaiting a decision either way regarding a potential mega-fight with Wladimir Klitschko, although Molina believes a battle between the two top division super-powers was always doomed to failure.

“I’ve said this a month ago about Joshua vs Klitschko. It’s not going to happen,” Molina exclusively told World Boxing News on Friday.

“Back when Eddie Hearn thought it was going to, he had asked me about a possible fight with Price. I have always said yes about fighting anybody in the UK.

“To me, it just seems like a lot of these guys would rather go around AJ in their bid for a world title. Well to each their own, but I’m not afraid of a Joshua fight – never have been.”

On the possibility Price could step in to face Joshua, scuppering Molina’s chances of competing in England, the ‘Drummer Boy’ added: “I have faced tough opposition and have proven myself as a worthy contender on this stage. David Price has done nothing. The people of the UK deserve a good fight.

“Price would get drilled with an AJ jab and won’t get up. Price has a weak jaw and this is no secret. His training team is legit, but you can put ten hall of fame trainers together and it won’t help strengthen his weak jaw.

“I have proven to be a complete fighter that can take a punch. I can get up and still fight. I have shown the fighting heart and desire to win at all cost. I have also displayed the art of bouncing back. something which David Price has yet to do.

“I Have become more experienced and confident through the years. I would destroy Price and I can bring a great fight to the UK against AJ that the fans can appreciate. I’ve said this before, if AJ knocks me down, I will get up. I can hurt him at any moment of the fight. Dillian Whyte was able to do so and I am sure I can also.

“I am a very dangerous heavyweight and ever since the Adamek KO in Poland many heavyweights have avoided me. I have been training three weeks now for this big show that Eddie is planning and I am 100 percent healthy and ready to step in.

“I’ll defeat England’s superstar in his own back yard as I did Adamek in Poland. This is surely an easy fight to make if Klitschko doesn’t fight Joshua,” he added.