Exclusive: Coldwell discusses Bellew v Haye, guarantees fireworks

Phil Jay 21/10/2016

Coldwell Boxing

Trainer David Coldwell has put a fight between Tony Bellew and David Haye above much-anticipated Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko and Amir Khan v Kell Brook clashes for sheer drama and entertainment value.

Coldwell sees a knockout happening should WBC cruiserweight champion Bellew share the ring with ex-200 pound king Haye who successfully moved up to heavyweight to claim world honours in 2009.

Despite a lengthy layoff, Haye is back amongst the highest ranked fighters in the world and Bellew was quick to single the Londoner out when realising his dream of becoming a world title holder in his own right last May.

Having worked in both corners, respected boxing man Coldwell is in a privileged position and says fans won’t be disappointed should the fight eventually make it over the line over the next few months.

“It’s a fight that will produce the most fireworks. In a way, you’re guaranteed somebody is going to get knocked out.

“You’ve got two fighters in there that are huge punchers but have both been hurt before. Let’s not forget that Haye has been hurt before.”

Asked how Bellew v Haye compares to the other in-demand fights between Joshua, Klitschko, Khan and Brook, Coldwell put the potential catchweight bout at the top in regards to emotion and exhilaration.

“Khan is not the man that he once was. He’s had some losses and been inactive. Things haven’t been going as he would have hoped at the moment,” he pointed out.

“Brook is coming off a fantastic performance against Golovkin but that fight is a boxer versus puncher almost. People are talking about can Khan outbox him or can Kell catch up with him and knock him out? – So it’s one of those sort of fights.

“The Klitschko v Joshua fight we just don’t know how good Klitschko is right now. He’s coming off a bad loss against Tyson Fury, not just physically but Tyson absolutely abused him mentally in that fight. He looked like a lost lamb at times, but with Haye and Bellew, there are both going to be going for a knockout. There’s no two ways about that.

“I would say Haye v Bellew is the most exciting of the three fights.”

On Bellew’s desire to make the fight, Coldwell added: “It’s a fight Tony would love because boxing is about drama and characters, along with rivalries. That’s what you want to get involved in. When you’re a world champion you look for different challenges that get you excited and get you motivated. David Haye – that’s a fight that excites Tony.

“Tony was a big fan of fighters like Nigel Benn growing up, so you look at the way Benn had his big rivalries and fights and Haye v Bellew has those sort of ingredients. Both volatile, both exciting and have achieved great things in the sport.

“It’s one of those fights that will be explosive however long it lasts. One round, three rounds or five rounds, it’s just got explosion written all over it.”

Bellew travelled to London earlier in the week to discuss the fight with promoter Eddie Hearn and Coldwell was keen to stress that ‘The Bomber’ has other big challenges open to him besides Haye.

“Whether it happens is down to Eddie Hearn to sort out now,” said Coldwell.

“David and his team are fully aware Tony wants the fight, but it’s down to whether Haye is willing to take the fight.

“That fight will happen when it happens, the sooner the better for us because we need to know what we are going to do but it’s not as if it’s Tony’s only option. He’s the WBC world champion so it’d not like he’s out in the cold and he’s got nothing.

“Tony is in a good position, because if the Haye fight happens it’s happy days but if it doesn’t then we go a different route. He wants to unify and we’ve got a mandatory there so he’s not in any position where he needs to beg for a fight.”

Asked about the weight issue and possible venues, Coldwell replied: “It doesn’t matter where it’s at, that fight sells as you’ve got two massive characters and two explosive characters. Haye’s got form outside the ropes too and both are volatile people. Both can fight and both get really, really punch.

“It’s obvious Haye is not going to come in at cruiserweight. He’s been making it clear he’s a heavyweight and he’s going to box at that weight. I would imagine Tony would come in a bit over the cruiserweight limit. I don’t know exactly but we’ll see. Things like that need to be sorted out but it is what it is and we understand that.

“It’s going to be a fight at heavyweight so we’ll take it.”