WBC launch legal plan of action against pirate championship belts

WBC 18/10/2016
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The World Boxing Council has launched a concerted legal plan of action, in order to eradicate the sale of fake memorabilia including unauthorized WBC Championship belts.

This is after the WBC detected these products being sold in several places on the Internet, mainly in Pakistan and Thailand.

An example of this, is the web site:http://sarfrazoverseas.com/ which promotes sells of pirate belts of low quality, among them WBC belts, illegally using a registered brand in order to justify their actions, thus committing a very serious crime.

It is of paramount importance for the World Boxing Council to halt these illegal products manufacturers, as they are not only acting against a registered brand, but they`re also attempting to debase the ultimate accolade of a champion who dedicates his/her life, in order to conquer the World Boxing Council Championship Belt, which can only be earned inside the ring!

There are 8 % smaller replicas covered with gold, and top quality mini belts that all fans can get in the WBC official store. (http://www.wbcboxing.com/merchandise-pagina.html).

As an organization, we stand united and together to defend the value of our emblematic belt. We will continue working to forever stop these dishonourable and illegal sells. We also urge all fans NOT to consider buying these fake belts, as it`s wounding their heroes, namely The Champs.

“The WBC World Championship Belts have never been, nor will ever be for sale! They are sacred for us. The belts are icons and the WBC will use all available legal procedures to stop unauthorized sales, including pirated and illegal products. “

WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman