Martirosyan, Verdejo join Khan, Pascal in WBC Clean Boxing enrollment

WBC 15/10/2016

The World Boxing Council wishes to update the developments of the CBP program, following the WBC October ratings publication reflecting the changes as the boxers who did not enroll were deleted as per the WBC / VADA Clean Boxing Program and WBC´s rules and regulations.

The WBC priority is to work in education and awareness to help all involved in boxing learn the dangers of PED use and also of those illegal procedures which eventually create tremendous health problems to the athletes. The Webinar which is available at all WBC and CBP websites is a video which is a must to watch in order to learn the specifics about the risks and dangers. Please click in the link below to watch it .


The WBC has received many communications in the past 2 days from many boxers who were taken out of the WBC ratings and most of them have finished the enrolment process, which for different reasons was not completed in due time. All those boxers who enroll in the program will be returned to the WBC ratings in the month of November, of course following the ratings criteria of the WBC to determine the spot in which they are to be ranked. Among other fighters Amir Khan, Jean Pascal and Vanes Martirosyan have finalized their enrollment, others are in the process, including, Felix Verdejo, Henry Lundy and several others.

It is very important to also mention that more than 70 boxers who are not mandated to enroll as they are not ranked in the top 15, have voluntarily submitted and enrolled in this historic program. The WBC salutes it´s champion, all of the top 15 rated fighters, but additional recognition must go to those who took it upon themselves to enter this program. It says so much about concern for their welfare and respect for the sport.

One of the greatest problems international professional boxing has is the lack of uniformity protecting our fighters. PEDs and supplements can be a constant danger to fighters and their opponents. The CBP is a way to advance uniformity and safety to all who risk so much. There is much hidden facts in products and processes which often lead to naive actions which lead to illegalities. VADA works with Drug Free Sports AXIS (formally named the REC).

The work has been monumental but extremely satisfactorily and a new era in our sport has begun as we all together work to make the sport safer and it is all coming from the boxer´s will and trust themselves. The WBC and VADA will work diligently in all aspects of the program, we are designing a mobile platform for the wherabouts notifications , are planning many events to continue the awareness process and as mentioned before , it will all be done TOGETHER!

Not rated boxers who have voluntarily enrolled in the CBP:

Oscar Rivas #23
Tom Shwarz #36
Lucas Browne ( N/R VOL) / * NA-WBA
Keane Simon (N/R VOL)

Stivens Bujaj #16
Murat Gassieu (N/R VOL) / * NA-WBA/IBF

Light Heavyweight
Radivjoe Kalajdzic #21
Luis Garcia #36
Mike Lee #40
Gilbert Castillo (N/R Vol)
Joseph Williams (N/R Vol)
Joe Jones (N/R Vol)

Super Middleweight
Dilmurod Satybaldiev #18
David Benavidez #15
Dimitry Chudinov # 20

Hugo Centeno #19
Alantez Fox #33
Ivan Golub #36
Ezequiel Brook (N/R Vol)
Yuri Foreman (N/R Vol)
Ahmet Patterson (N/R Vol)

Super Welterweight
Willie Nelson #17
Ramon Alvarez #19
Clayton Castro (N/R Vol)
Dominique Dolton (N/R Vol)
Steven Butler (N/R Vol)
Frank Galarza (N/R Vol)

Dimitry Mikhaylenko #15
Chris Algieri (N/R Vol)

Super lightweight
Luca Giacon #14
Mauricio Herrera #15
Sergey Lipinets #19
Roberto Ortiz # 24
Ivan Baranchyk #31
Marcelino Lopez (N/C Vol)
Kiryl Relikh (N/C Vol)
Batyrzhan Jukembayev (N/C Viol)
Ghisian Maduma (N/C Vol)
Matheu Germain )N/C Vol)
Mykal Fox (N/C Vol)

Jairo Lopez #28
Ryan Martin #34
Nicholas Delomba (N/R Vol)
Neri Sanguilan (N/R Vol)
Victoria Cisneros (Fem, Vol)

Super Featherweight
Billy Dib #21
Khussainov Ablaikhan (N/R Vol)

Albert Pagara #21
Richard Pumpic #27

Arthur Villanueva #11
Sonny Boy Jaro #20
Edgar Jimenez #25
Antonio Nieves (N/R Vol)
Zhanat Zhakianov (N/R Vol) / WBA Interim Champion

Super Flyweight
Michael Dasmarinas #19
Victor Mendez #33

Giemel Magramo #15
Genesis Libranza #21
Yodmangkol CP Freshmart (N/R Vol)

Light Flyweight
Jonathan Refugio #16
Rene Patilano #26
Edward Heno #38

Minimum Weight
Carlos Canizales #13
Dexter Alimento #17
Chrisitian Araneta #23
Jeffrey Galero #28
Jay Loto #30
Jimboy Jaya #37
Jayserver Abcede (N/R Vol)

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