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Home » Exclusive: Deontay Wilder comments on Tyson Fury controversy, gives advice

Exclusive: Deontay Wilder comments on Tyson Fury controversy, gives advice

Fury, 28, has sensationally opened up on his mental issues, alcoholism, and drug taking recently, so looks set to lose his status as a unified three-belt top division champion by the end of this month.

Cancelling two contracted rematches with Wladimir Klitschko, Fury revealed he’s even contemplated ending his life as the Briton spiralled into a deep depression stemming from a torrent of abuse on social media.

Wilder had been linked to facing Fury in a massive match-up to decide the number one at 200 pounds plus in 2017 but sent his best wishes for a speedy recovery to his big rival when asked his opinion on the sensitive matter.

“I’ve been hearing about that and I feel sorry for Tyson Fury – I really do,” Wilder exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Personally, I think Tyson Fury is a great guy. He’s very entertaining for the sport of boxing but we are now seeing where his previous actions and words have been coming from, especially if he’s been doing this particular drug for a while.

“If I could talk to him, I would just tell him my prayers are really, really for him and his family. I hope he can come out of this and recover.

“I would also tell him to stay off the social media as I know people can be very harsh words and it can drive you crazy. You know, back in the day we never had social media so we didn’t have to worry about the internet. People worrying about comments and stuff like that.

“Sometimes when you have people bashing you all the time, it can drive you crazy. That’s why I rarely read things myself on social media. I stay off different networks and the blogs because I don’t care what people are saying if it’s bad. Some people just want attention and say crazy stuff to get attention or get a reply back. I don’t dwell in it and I advise him not to also.

“This thing he’s going through, this drug situation and all that, man I just think he just needs to stay away from all that social media stuff until everything clears up.

“I heard he was talking about suicidal thoughts and things like that, so I’d tell him to stay off the social media, man and get your head right. You got more than just being a champion to live for. You have you family, your friends and most importantly, your kids.

“But my prayers are definitely with him and I hope everything comes together.”

On a possible future collision between the two, Wilder added: “I hope he comes back because me and him have unfinished business. I would still like a fight with him and I think that would be a big fight, so may God be with him.”

More from the exclusive interview with Deontay Wilder to come on WBN