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Home » Damon Allen taking a leaf out B-Hop’s book ahead of Belasco bout

Damon Allen taking a leaf out B-Hop’s book ahead of Belasco bout

The distinguished young talent follows in the steps of those who have come out of Philadelphia – from the iconic Smokin’ Joe Frazier to the Olympic Gold Medal Meldrick “TNT” Taylor to the future Hall of Famer Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins – the sky is the limit from the versatile and skillful “No Smilin” Allen.

In an exclusive interview with Ring TV, Allen revealed that his idol and mentor is a familiar face around Golden Boy Promotions – GBP partner and former middleweight and light heavyweight World Champion Bernard “The Alien” Hopkins.

“I look up to Bernard Hopkins, and I am thankful for the doors he has opened for me and my career,” Allen said. “His career motivates me to make the sacrifice to do what I love. I spend countless hours, multiple times a day, training and practicing my craft. While some days I’m tired and exhausted I still go 100 percent day in and day out – and that is Bernard’s influence.”

Allen was on hand at the parade that Philadelphia threw for “The Alien” following his 2004 defeat of Golden Boy Chairman and CEO Oscar De La Hoya, with the then 12-year-old Allen posing for photos with Hopkins as he delivered a speech to thousands of well-wishers.

“It’s not every day that you come across talent who has the dedication, discipline and natural skill that Damon has,” spoke GBP Partner and future Hall of Famer Bernard Hopkins. “I look back at the day in Philadelphia where that young boy looked up at me with his fists raised, and see where he is now – who knows where he will be in the years to come as he fertilizes his talent.”

Bernard Hopkins will be sitting ringside as he watches Allen take another step in the ladder to solidify himself as a prospect this Friday, October 7 at LA Fight Club at the Historic Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles.